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Windows Active Directory

Windows active directory creates a central repository for critical company information regarding employees, computers, servers domains and printers. It manages the identities and brokers the relationships between distributed resources so that they can work together. Windows Active Directory saves the information most vital to your company. It also helps organize and modify the stored information in a way that works best for you. When Active Directory is under-performing or compromised, access to all associated resources is compromised as well.

The process of outlining and setting up a logical, defined map of corporate information can be a labor-intensive challenge for many companies. Preeminent Solutions can simplify the process of managing your windows active directory objects. Our team of experts will enable the administrator to perform what otherwise would be complex steps, in the easiest way possible saving you time and money and allowing your IT department to focus on other pertinent projects.

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  • Consolidation and Migration to Windows Active Directory
  • Active Directory Design and Architecture
  • Active Directory Implementation
  • Active Directory Health Check
  • Active Directory Support
  • Active Directory Disaster Recovery
Consolidation and Migration Consolidation and Migration
Consolidation and Migration
Design and Architecture Design and Architecture
Design and Architecture
Implementation and Upgrade Implementation and Upgrade
Implementation and Upgrade

Consolidation and Migration

Considering a migration from Novell, NT or a legacy Windows Active Directory forest/domain? Preeminent can reduce the time, risk and complexity of your migration. We'll have you up and running quickly on the latest version of Window Active Directory. Chances are we can lower your IT related costs by consolidating disparate directories, domains, mailboxes and other objects to better align with your organizational needs.

Preeminent’s consulting team is well versed in the complexities behind Active Directory migrations. We will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition to your new environment. Contact Preeminent to set up a migration planning session for your company.

Design and Architecture

Microsoft’s Active Directory is a powerful directory structure designed to make administration and management of your corporate communications system easy and efficient. In order to fully realize these capabilities and get the most value out of your Active Directory infrastructure, it is important to utilize an architecture that is designed appropriately for your business. It is common for existing Active Directory architectures to become disorganized, inefficient, and difficult to manage. Whether you’re designing a new Active Directory architecture or redesigning your existing Active Directory, it is important to ensure that your design both fulfills business requirements and allows for future growth.

Preeminent works with you to:

• Determine the business requirements and important factors affecting the design of your Active Directory.

• Design the Active Directory in a way that’s right for your business, maximizing value and enabling ease of future expansion and management.

• Plan the implementation from start to finish, including risk assessment, implementation milestones, and post-implementation recommendations.

• Execute the implementation in any capacity. Whether you want us to manage and perform the entire project, or you want us to be available on a time and materials basis, we offer flexible services to meet your needs.

• Provide comprehensive documentation of the project to enable ongoing administration and future expansion as simply as possible.

Implementation and Upgrade

Adopting Active Directory at your organization reduces system complexity, simplifies management, and streamlines the adoption of integrated technologies, resulting in lower total costs, higher productivity, and greater agility.

Preeminent Solutions can implement your active directory to:

  • Establish a unified directory architecture
  • Apply domain controllers and a replication architecture that meets the service continuity needs of your business
  • Migrate to a unified Active Directory on the Windows Server 2008 operating system
  • Integrate with Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite – Dedicated environment

Each Active Directory Implementation with Preeminent Solutions includes the following deliverables: 

• Implementation of Windows Server 2008 Active Directory designed for the specific needs of your environment (product license not included). 

• Deployment of read-only domain controllers (RODCs) for locations where physical security cannot be guaranteed. 

• Operational guidance to help you get the most value out of the solution after it has been deployed. 

• Architecture and design guidance detailing your implementation.

Health Check Health Check
Health Check
Support Support

Health Check

As the networking environment changes, organizations that have implemented Microsoft Windows Active Directory need to make sure that Active Directory continues to operate properly. Even an Active Directory that is properly installed can easily have components fail or stop working, which causes problems with the Windows networking environment.

We recommend that most clients run an Active Directory Checkup quarterly and for very large enterprise a best practice is to run subsets of the Active Directory Checkup daily. As collaborative environments mature and change, Active Directory must be properly maintained and groomed to support these changes.

Preeminent Solutions’ Active Directory Checkup is designed to evaluate the overall status of your Active Directory environment. This process is intended to determine where problems may exist that could negatively impact the performance or capabilities of your business.

We examine the current Microsoft directory service environment, detect any deficiencies or problems and provide appropriate recommendations.

Preeminent Solutions’ Active Directory Checkup covers the following areas:

•Service pack and hot fix status

•Assessment of currently installed service packs, patches and hot fixes to determine if there are any deficiencies.

• Evaluation of your Directory replication status

• DNS status

• Site topology

• Global Catalog distribution

• Schema health

• FSMO role distribution

• Backup and recovery procedures

• Fault tolerance / High availability capacity

A healthy Active Directory ensures a strong user experience, from access to critical systems to quicker logon times, more reliable resource usage and decreased help desk support issues. Contact your Preeminent Active Directory consultants today to schedule your Active Directory Checkup or to discuss any of the items in the Active Directory Checkup.


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Disaster Recovery

When properly planned and implemented, a disaster recovery plan makes possible the retrieval of lost data and a quick return to regular system operations. An effective disaster recovery plan is a critical part of computer operations at all levels, especially those involving the storage of long-term or permanent records on electronic media. A disaster recovery plan may also be critical to the fulfillment of audit requirements and the maintenance of audit trails in fiscal systems. For many applications, multiple copies and/or generations of backups may be required.

The design of backup and recovery solutions should incorporate the business requirements of the organization as well as its operational procedures. Our disaster recovery experts employ solutions that are predictable, reliable, and capable of processing data at very quick rates.

Our disaster recovery services will:

• Ensure 99.999 percent service availability

• Manage growth in volumes of data

• Operate within short, or non-existent, data backup windows

• Support existing IT systems even if they are not on the latest technologies

• Assess data values so that the most appropriate strategies can be applied to each type of data

Preeminent Solution’s disaster recovery guidance will help your organization implement the best design and configuration decisions based on common business criteria and the unique needs of your organization. We recognize there is never a “one size fits all” when it comes to corporate data planning, so the emphasis of Preeminent’s disaster recovery planning is on using proven and tested best practices for your continued success.

Contact us today to discuss your Windows Active Directory project or to set up an appointment for a Windows Active Directory Audit.

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