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Creating a virtualized infrastructure for your organization is a quick and easy way to lower your total cost of ownership while maximizing ROI through:

  • Improved hardware utilization
  • Lower energy costs
  • Greater productivity

Virtualized solutions are tightly integrated between physical and virtual resources allowing you to maximize existing investments while increasing the mobility of your deployments to realize greater value across your enterprise.

This technology is great for clients who strive to:

  • Better utilize physical hardware investments
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Limit long-term server maintenance costs
  • Achieve enhanced performance and reduced operating costs

Your partner for a connected virtual environment

Preeminent is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner who has spent years designing and deploying virtualization solutions for customers. Whether you want to start a new server consolidation project, optimize an existing virtualization infrastructure, or build a new Microsoft-based virtualization infrastructure, Preeminent Solutions can handle all your virtualization needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation to determine how you can best take advantage of the latest virtualization technologies and pair server, storage and desktop virtualization to create a full-fledged integrated virtualization environment.

Please click our images below to see additional content for the following services:

  • Server Virtualization (HYPER-V)
  • Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)
  • Application Virtualization (APP-V)
  • Application Sequence
Server Virtualization (HYPER-V) Server Virtualization (HYPER-V)
Server Virtualization (HYPER-V)
Enteprise Virtualization (MED-V) Enteprise Virtualization (MED-V)
Enteprise Virtualization (MED-V)
Application Virtualization (APP-V) Application Virtualization (APP-V)
Application Virtualization (APP-V)

Server Virtualization (HYPER-V)

Server virtualization has quickly become one of the hottest topics in the industry. From optimizing infrastructure to creating disaster recovery plans, virtualization has now become a key component of optimizing enterprise IT environments. Preeminent Solutions has implemented virtualization solutions for enterprise organizations looking to optimize their IT infrastructure, control their budget and improve their IT efficiency.

Enteprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)

Desktop virtualization lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Desktop virtualization has proven to be useful in companies of all sizes and in a variety of situations primarily dealing with incompatibility between applications and desktop operating systems.

Application Virtualization (APP-V)

Application virtualization makes IT deployments significantly easier and more efficient. Since applications no longer compete for DLL versions or other shared aspects of their environment, there's little need to test new applications for conflicts with existing applications before they're rolled out. And these virtual applications can run alongside ordinary, installed applications – so not everything needs to be virtualized, although doing so avoids many problems and decreases the time end-users spend with the helpdesk trying to resolve them. An effective application virtualization solution also enables you to manage both virtual applications and installed applications from a common interface. Preeminent offers application virtualization consulting services that will quickly save your organization time, reduce overall costs, and-perhaps most importantly-allow you to deploy your most talented team members to IT projects that make greater use of their valuable time.

With Preeminent implementing your App-V solution, you will enjoy a rapid deployment as Preeminent brings both the experience and expertise to the table, having executed virtualization solutions on literally hundreds of desktops.

Application Sequence Application Sequence
Application Sequence

Virtualization- Application Sequence

Sequencing is the process by which you create an application package using the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) Sequencer. The App-V Sequencer monitors and records all installation and setup processes for an application and creates the following files: ICO, OSD, SFT, and SPRJ. These files contain all the necessary information about an application, and they allow that application to run in a virtual environment.

Preeminent has expereinced consultants with expertise in equencing applications for the customers. We have also partnered with Flexera to optimize the packaging for virtual applications. We use AdminStudio Virtualization Pack to prepare software for reliable application virtualization deployment with a complete set of virtualization suitability testing, automated conversion, validation, editing and management reporting capabilities. It automates the conversion of MSIs and legacy installers to virtual application formats, ensuring a consistent approach that is up to 9 times faster than using native tools thus reducing the cost and duration of a migration project.

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