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Microsoft SharePoint

Businesses today need to make it as easy as possible for people to work together. That’s why Preeminent Solutions leverages SharePoint 2010 to create a collaborative environment that allows our clients to build quick and easy websites for information sharing, document management and a connected work environment.

A SharePoint solution delivered by Preeminent will help improve processes, enable greater communication and improve productivity by taking advantage of the benefits of intranets and extranets, team websites and integration to your other services. And now you can meet the needs of your clients, partners and vendors by providing them access to key information that is accurate and reliable.

Most companies are searching for ways to reduce costs. Sharepoint helps you achieve this goal by consolidating all your sites – internet, extranet and intranet on a single platform. You can even choose to host this platform on-premise or in the cloud.

SharePoint can be a powerful tool in any organization and Preeminent Solutions can help you use it to drive business value while reducing costs and improving employee satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about this game-changing technology.

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  • Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services
  • Sharepoint 2010 Design & Architect
  • Sharepoint 2010 Implementation
  • Sharepoint 2010 Migration & Upgrade
Deployment Planning Services Deployment Planning Services
Deployment Planning Services
Design & Architect Design & Architect
Design & Architect
Implementaton Implementaton

Microsoft Sharepoint Deployment Planning Services

SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) enables you to get more value out of something that is already paid for - your software assurance investment. SDPS gives you answers to the “if”, “where”, and “how” to deploy SharePoint. For more information, visit our Deployment Planning Service center.

Microsoft Sharepoint Design & Architect

Preeminent has designed and implemented several enterprise SharePoint 2010 solutions managing terabytes of enterprise data for customers across many industry sectors. Our SharePoint 2010 Consultant will assess your knowledge access and sharing needs, and help you customize and deploy a SharePoint 2010 solution that addresses your business needs including knowledge retention and compliance management. Our service includes envisioning, Planning, Business Analysis, Requirements Definition, Architecture, plan for the deployment, Proof of Concepts, Pilots and Implementation.

Microsoft Sharepoint Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint technologies are powerful tools that inspire proper business workflow design, team productivity, and collaborative working methods. Working with companies of all sizes, Preeminent Solutions will recommend the ideal SharePoint solution and work with you to implement the technology using industry best practices.

Having implemented SharePoint for companies of all sizes, Preeminent can help provide value by leveraging the experience and tools that our team has to offer.

We will work with you to:

Design the SharePoint plan and architecture that is right for your company, ensuring that all business requirements are met.

Plan the implementation or migration from start to finish, including preparation, hardware and software requirements, risk assessment, milestone development, implementation planning, and wrap-up tasks.

Assist in the implementation or migration project on a time and materials basis, or manage the project from beginning to end.

Migration & Upgrade Migration & Upgrade
Migration & Upgrade

Microsoft Sharepoint Migration & Upgrade

Preeminent SharePoint Upgrade and Migration services are driven from an environment Health Check assessment.

A Health Check involves a certified SharePoint consultant reviewing your existing environment to determine adherence to Microsoft recommended guidelines for governance and taxonomy, as well as customizations that won’t be supported in the new environment. This includes third party add-ons.

From this review we produce a Migration Plan detailing the following:

SharePoint components requiring special deployment consideration and testing procedures

Recommended clean-up of the environment prior to an upgrade or migration, including suggested governance and taxonomy and orphan site clean-up

Specifics for a test plan

Tasks to be performed and timelines

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