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Microsoft Forefront

Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 is designed to manage the identity, associated groups, and credentials for an individual user throughout their employment or membership within a computer system. FIM integrates with both your Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange Server to provide all the synchronization, security and management from a single user interface.

With FIM, IT professionals are given the tools they need to attend to day-to-day tasks and meet the needs of their management team. With a stronger focus on collaboration, sharing and growth, IT is under immense pressure to not only maintain but increase security measures. FIM helps IT Managers respond to these challenges and secure company assets and infrastructure like never before.

Microsoft Forefront is part of the business ready security initiative designed to make it easy and cost-effective for companies to create integrated user-centric infrastructures. Microsoft Forefront includes security products for:

  • Messaging
  • Collaboration
  • Desktop
  • Information Protection
  • Identity and Access Management.

Preeminent Solutions is a leader in Forefront capabilities

If your company needs to improve the security of your data and assets while lowering costs and optimizing your infrastructure then don’t hesitate to contact Preeminent today. We’ll help empower your employees and IT department, increase security and compliance and deliver you a solution that should save you money while improving efficiency. Forefront Identity Manager from Preeminent is the key to a secure, simple, stable enterprise.

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  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Design & Implementation
  • Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Upgrade
Design & Implementation Design & Implementation
Design & Implementation
Identity Manager 2010 Upgrade Identity Manager 2010 Upgrade
Identity Manager 2010 Upgrade

Forefront Identity Mgr 2010 Design & Implementation

Preeminent Solutions provides services for IAM design solutions and specializes in implementation of Microsoft Forefront Identity manager(FIM). Microsoft FIM solution addresses the essential business processes to define, verify, and enforce access to sensitive information through Identity management, identity synchronization, access governance and access administration.

To deliver the right Identity Management solution, Preeminent Solutions begins by understanding your business model, gathering requirements, designing and developing the implementation architecture, and developing a solution that fits your organization. Our experts have extensive, real world design and implementation skills, and have completed successful projects with leading commercial and government organizations.

Forefront Identity Manager 2010 consulting services from Preeminent can make security a simpler undertaking for any IT professional. Preeminent has successfully implemented Identity Manager for many organizations, and can do the same for you, providing you with an identity management solution that is reliant, compliant, flexible, and secure.

Forefront Identity Mgr 2010 Upgrade

Preeminent consultants are working with Microsoft Identity Management solution since 2001. Over last 10 years, we have designed and implemented identity management for many large organizations.

Our service includes:

- Provisioing accounts in Active Directory, Exchange and other directories

- De-provisioning accounts from in Active Directory, Exchange and other directories

- Directory synchronization among multiple directories

- Self-service password reset

- Self-service user profile management

- Self-service group management tools

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