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Mergers & Acquisitions


IT challenges for Mergers and Acquisitions

The key to a successful Merger-Acquisition is an effective integration strategy successfully blends two companies into a single business unit, capable of achieving benefits greater than those of the separate individual companies. This integration is the stage where many well-conceived transactions fail and the merger of the IT infrastructures could be the most critical aspect of this challenging step. A detailed implementation schedule for the IT infrastructure integration is as necessary as a well-planned synchronization of the HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing departments.

Why use Preeminent Solutions for your Merger-Acquisition IT Integration Strategy?

Preeminent Mergers and Acquisition experts will provide custom IT solutions aimed to facilitate immediate business growth without impairing employee productivity or your customer experience. Design & Planning - Effective planning, design and integration of the merged networks and infrastructures Experience & Expertise - One stop access to the expertise needed to implement the most scalable, effective technologies used today and integrate with the most popular tools of the past. Reliability - Objective recommendations that will work for the new consolidated business, regardless of which entity the people, processes or products were from. This approach guaranties that all of our clients avoid common institutional biases and make sound operational decisions.

Preeminent specializations:

Preeminent Solutions specializes in key aspects of a successful Merger-Acquisition strategy:

  • Domain consolidation
  • Infrastructure System integration
    • Desktops
    • Servers
    • Messaging
    • Document Managements
  • Database consolidation
  • Synchronization of worldwide locations

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